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Premium Long-Lasting Body Perfume 50ml 平价高级小众香水

RM 34.90 -29%

▶▶ Product Details : 
Verbena Linn Premium Long-Lasting Body Perfume 平价高级小众香水
🤎  50ml 

🤎 Eau De Parfum   
🤎  Premium Fragrant Options
🤎 Long-lasting & refreshing scent
🤎 Premium and elegant packaging

▶▶ Fragrant Options :

901 GluttonyTop note : Milk
Middle note : Coconut
Base note : Caramel
****sweet scent, suitable for sweet note lovers  

902 Sloth
Top note: Lime, Mandarin Orange, Cardamom, Pink Pepper
Middle note: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar
Base note: Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli

**** Premium clean and refreshing smell, male & female friendly 
903 EnvyTop note: Rose, Geranium
Middle note: Palmarosa
Base note: Patchouli, Oak Moss, Honey

****Premium Rosy & floral note 
904 LustTop note : Strawberry, Raspberry, Pear
Middle note : Mandala, Peony, Orange Blossom
Base note : Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla
****romantic scent, combination with fruity note in the start, followed by floral note and lastly neutral by some woody scent at the end 

905 Greed


906 Wrath
Top note : Orange, Osmanthus, Jasmine
Middle note : Green leaves, Fruity, Carnation, Lily
Base note : Almond, Woody, Musk, Honey
****floral note, sweet & refreshing, calming and joyful 

907 Pride
Top note: Lime, Mandarin Orange, Neroli Oil
Middle note: Tea, Blackcurrant
Base note: Sandalwood, Musk
***Premium & elegant note, male & female friendly  

▶▶ Caution :
1. Keep away form fire hazard and reach of children and avoid contact in eyes and mouth

2. Wash immediately with water if it get contact with eyes accidentally
3. This product is not designed for internal use

▶▶ Note : 
The colour displayed may vary depending on your screen. Unauthorized use of images on this website is strictly prohibited and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

▶▶ Information : 
Partners / Manufacturer : Verbena Linn
Country of Manufacturer : China
Official Authorised Seller : ab.n.cstore 
品牌官方授权 | ab.n.cstore 
经品牌授权零售 / 产品均为官方直供

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