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Fine Hyaluron & Collagen White优之源玻尿酸胶原蛋白肽

RM 220.00 -8%

▶▶ Product Details : 
Fine Hyaluron & Collagen White 优之源玻尿酸胶原蛋白肽
💜 Replenish skin's nutrients, regain elasticity, and brighten skin complexion. It’s specially formulated for people who are having skin problems like dry skin, sagging, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation, dullness and etc..

💜 Peach Flavour       
💜 Boost skin elasticity & firmness  
💜 Keep skin moisturized & prevent rough skin     
💜 Protect skin from UVB  
💜 Reduce wrinkles & fine lines      

💜 Promote fairer & brighter skin     
💜 Support healthier joint     
💜 Prevent cataract

▶▶ 产品介绍 :
💜 桃子味
💜 增强皮肤弹性和紧致度
💜 保持皮肤滋润,防止皮肤粗糙
💜 保护肌肤免受UVB侵害
💜 减少皱纹和细纹
💜 促进皮肤更白皙
💜 有效帮助更健康的关节
💜 预防白内障

▶▶ Essential Ingredients:

Collagen (5,000mg)                 
Keeps skin moisturized & firm                 
Hyaluronic Acid (60mg)                 
Excellent hydration & moisture retention                 
L'CystineBiotin (4g)                 
Promotes flawless & healthier complexion. Helps in repairing and protect skin from ultraviolet rays/sun exposure. It is also known to have outstanding skin-whitening ability.
Vitamin C (500mg)                 
Accelerates skin metabolism                 
Astaxanthin (500mcg)                 
High quality antioxidant                

▶▶ How to use:  
💕  Take once to twice per day                  
💕 Take 1 spoonful (8G) and mixed with 100ML - 200ML of cold/warm water of your choice (or your favourite drinks fruit juice, milk or tea)
💕 May consume with desserts like yoghurt and ice cream

▶▶ Caution :
1. Keep away form fire hazard and reach of children
2. Store in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight   

3. If you have a history of allergies to the ingredients, do not consume this product
4. Please refer to your physician before taking this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under any other medical supervision.

▶▶ Note : 
The colour displayed may vary depending on your screen. Unauthorized use of images on this website is strictly prohibited and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

▶▶ Information : 
Partners / Manufacturer : FINE PREMIUM
Official Authorised Seller : ab.n.cstore 
品牌官方授权 | ab.n.cstore 
经品牌授权零售 / 产品均为官方直供

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