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Plant Essential Oil Perfume Shower Gel 高级香氛植物精粹滋润沐浴露

RM 46.90 -4%

▶▶ Product Details : 
Plant Essential Oil Perfume Shower Gel 高级香氛植物精粹滋润沐浴露
🎀 250ml

🎀 Free bath flower (while stocks last!)
🎀 Suitable for all skin types 
🎀 Mild acidic, Gentle to skin 
🎀 Contains natural plant essential oil, France-imported Alpine Edelweiss extract and Gentiana Lutea Root extract 
🎀 Contains Nicotinamide that promotes skin nourishing and brightening 
🎀 Contains L-Carnosine that promotes anti-glycation, prevent ageing
🎀 Moisturising & brightening effect 
🎀 Easy to foam and cleanse dirt on the surface of skin
🎀含有l -肌肽,促进抗糖基化,防止衰老

▶▶ Fragrance Options :

葡萄柚 番茄 芒果 薄荷
中调:橙子 香蒲 风信子 莲花
后调:劳丹脂 肉桂 麝香
清新的花果香调 英式田园新鲜采摘的野生香蒲,加上花香和果香的清新味道 为肉桂和风信子的丰富香气 注入了清新与活力

Top note : Grapefruit, Tomato, Mango, Mint

Middle note : Typha Orientalis, Lotus, Orange, Hyacinth
Base note : Labdanum, Cinnamon, Musk
Premium combination of floral and fruity scent 

前调:柠檬  橙  佛手柑
中调:香木瓜  茉莉  橙花
后调:广藿香  薄荷  橡树
Top note : Lemon, Orange, Bergamot
Middle note : Cantaloupe, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Base note : Patchouli, Mint, Oak

Premium citrus, orange scent
前调:香柠檬 橘子🍊 橙花油
中调:茶叶 黑加仑
后调:檀木香 麝香
Top note : Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Neroli Oil
Middle note :Tea, Black Currant
Base note : Sandalwood, Musk

Premium unique and elegant scent
前调: 玫瑰🌹 粉红胡椒
后调: 琥珀
Top note : Rose, Pink Pepper
Middle note : Raspberry Flower
Base note : Amber

Premium rosy scent

▶▶ Caution :
1. Keep away form fire hazard and reach of children and avoid contact in eyes and mouth
2. Wash immediately with water if it get contact with eyes accidentally
3. This product is not designed for internal use

▶▶ Note : 
The colour displayed may vary depending on your screen. Unauthorized use of images on this website is strictly prohibited and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

▶▶ Information : 
Partners / Manufacturer : Roopy (France)
Official Authorised Seller : ab.n.cstore
品牌官方授权 | ab.n.cstore
经品牌授权零售 / 产品均为官方直供

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