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  • FREE shipping over RM80 for WM, RM120 for EM!
  • Get FREE Skin & Body Care Set (Worth up to RM31) When You Spend RM70 and Above. [Limited to First 20 Redemptions]

Premium Beauty Sponge & Brush Gift Set 星球干湿两用美妆蛋化妆刷套礼盒

RM 42.90

▶▶ Product Details : 
Premium Beauty Sponge & Brush Gift Set 星球干湿两用美妆蛋化妆刷套礼盒
🤎 Origin: Korea
🤎 All skin types
🤎 Contains 3 super soft beauty eggs and a foundation brush, meet your needs for different parts when applying makeup 
🤎 Contains an exclusive custom mini space capsule beauty egg storage box, small, clean and hygienic, with vents
🤎 Outer premium deep sea blue Milky Way gift box, suitable as gift 
✨ Did you think about why people can draw weightless and light nude makeup effects 🤔?
✨ Makeup effects varies based on the makeup tools used. Makeup sponge gives not only light and weightless, and also stay fit to your skin ❤️ 
🤎 The rebound effect of a good beauty sponge is very good too, a.k.a fluffy. This is due to the size of the pore of the egg, which specially designed to be easy to expand and drain water/liquid, rebound quickly, dry relatively quick, and are not easy to get mold.

▶▶ Packaging :
💞 Consists : 

 3 pieces beauty sponge
Storage rack : carbon steel gilded material, dry and wet drying beauty sponge, exquisite and compact, good air permeability
Storage box : Mini space capsule / storage box, cute and fun, easy to carry around
Makeup brush : special custom flat head makeup brush, BASF fiber hair, gold aluminum tube, help to create a natural and light makeup effect

▶▶ Note : 
1. Do not use if the skin has symptoms such as wound, allergy
2. Beauty makeup eggs are relatively fragile and must be taken care carefully. 
After soaking in water, please don't squeeze it roughly, avoid contact with nails to prevent scratching/breaking the sponge, just gently squeeze the water out.
3. Due to the special designed sponge material to have good air permeability, some fine dust might attached together in the process during the production process. These dust will enter the pores of the sponge during the production. When you soak in water, you will see a little powder floats on the water, which is normal. Hence, it is recommended to wash them before use.
4. The colour of beauty sponge is food-grade, and it will be slightly fade during cleaning, no worry!

▶▶ 产品介绍 :
🤎 套盒里包含了3粒超级柔软的美妆蛋和一支粉底刷,能更好的满足您撸妆时对不同部位的需求
🤎 有独家定制mini太空舱美妆蛋收纳盒,超级可爱尺寸小巧干净卫生,还有贴心的透气孔,绝对符合颜值控们的要求
🤎 外盒是很有质感的纸盒,用深海蓝的银河系星轨和美妆蛋星球的倾心设计,亮亮的闪闪的美美哒,送闺蜜送朋友当礼物都妥妥滴!
✨ 是不是你也一度思考为什么人家就可以画出来裸妆的效果,但你化出来的妆感就很厚重?🤔 ✨ 那是因为你用的化妆工具不合适!韩国美妆大神们化妆都喜欢使用美妆蛋,用它画出来的底妆不但轻薄也非常的服帖,完全不会带给你假面的妆感 ❤️
🤎 好的美妆蛋回弹效果非常好,影响回弹性的因素主要是蛋蛋的孔隙大小,孔隙大的容易排气排水,回弹快,干的也相对快些,不容易发霉

▶▶ 产品详情:
💞 适合肤质:任何肤质
💞 规格:
✨ 3粒装
✨ 收纳架:碳钢镀金材质,干湿晾晒美妆蛋,精致小巧,透气性好
✨ 收纳盒:迷你太空舱美妆蛋收纳盒,萌趣横生,宜家出行,环游世界
✨ 化妆刷:特别定制扁平头铺粉化妆刷,巴斯夫纤维毛,哑金铝管,打造自然轻薄妆面

▶▶ 注意事项 & 温馨提醒 :
1. 肌肤如有伤口过敏等症状请勿使用
2. 美妆蛋蛋们都比较脆弱,必须细心呵护。泡水后请勿使劲拧搅,避免与指甲接触,防止划伤美妆蛋,只需轻轻用手将水分压干即可。
3. 因尔木萄美妆蛋蛋的海绵材质透气性好,所以在生产过程中,工艺上会产生一些细微粉尘,这些粉尘会在加工蛋蛋的过程中进入海绵气孔中,在第一次泡水时,会在水里看到些许粉末,属于正常情况!所以在这提醒购买蛋蛋的宝宝们,最好在温水里清洗一下再使用哦~
4. 尔木萄美妆蛋蛋的颜色采用的是食品级色浆,清洗时会有轻微掉色现象,属于正常情况,请宝宝们放心使用~

▶▶ Caution :
1. Keep away form fire hazard and reach of children
2. This product is not designed for internal use

▶▶ Note : 
The colour displayed may vary depending on your screen. Unauthorized use of images on this website is strictly prohibited and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

▶▶ Information : 
Partners / Manufacturer : Amortals Korea
Official Authorised Seller : ab.n.cstore 
品牌官方授权 | ab.n.cstore 
经品牌授权零售 / 产品均为官方直供

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